Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trial Access to Euromonitor Passport (Marketing Research Database) Through January 31

From now through January 31, 2014, the Cheng Library is offering trial access to Euromonitor's Passport database. Passport is a global market research database providing statistics, analysis, reports, surveys and breaking news on industries, countries and consumers worldwide.

The database connects market research to a company's goals and annual planning, analyzing market context, competitor insight, and future trends impacting businesses globally. Passport offers detailed analysis of consumer and industrial markets around the world across 781 cities, 210 countries, and 27 industries with historic data from 1997 and forecasts through 2020.

 Passport's features also include:

  • Industry analysis across fast moving consumer goods and services, including market performance, market size, company and brand shares and profiles of leading companies and brands
  • Industrial makeup of the world’s largest economies, examining business to business economic influences and the forces behind strategy development, production and supply chains, economic modeling and forecasting, econometrics, data mining, scenario planning, urban economics and wealth distribution.
  • Data and analysis on consumer lifestyles, population trends, and socioeconomic analysis for every country, lifestyle and consumer type down to the city level
  • Timely commentary on factors influencing the global, regional and local business environment
  • Surveys exploring consumer opinions, attitudes and behaviors
 Please contact Richard Kearney (kearneyr@wpunj.edu or x 2165) if you have any questions about Euromonitor's Passport.

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