Friday, March 31, 2017

Trial Access to the HSTalks Business and Management Collection Available Through April 30

The Business and Management Collection, produced by Henry Stewart Talks (HSTalks), consists of over 1,000 video lectures and case studies by experts from commerce, industry, the professions and academia. The Cheng Library is providing trial access to the collection through April 30.

The Collection is divided into six broad subject areas:
  • Finance, Accounting and Economics
  • Global Business Management
  • Management Leadership and Organizations
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Strategy
  • Technology and Operations
Content is presented in four different formats:
  • Traditional format lectures with high quality graphics - The entire lecture as well as extracts can be embedded in course notes and online learning systems.
  • Case study interviews - They are designed to explore how different participants in commerce and industry, from start-up entrepreneurs to large corporation executives, confront the challenges they encounter. Additionally, all videos are accompanied by suggested topics for discussion and individual and group projects. 
  • Extended form case studies - These accounts of real world experience describing what was done, how, when and with what consequences can be used as prompts for in-class discussions.
  • Bite-size case studies - These short descriptions of real world commercial activities come with suggested topics for consideration and discussion.
We invite you to try the HSTalks Business and Management Collection to see what it can offer you and your students. Please contact Cara Berg (email or 973-720-3189) or Richard Kearney (email or 973-720-2165), Library Liaisons to the Cotsakos College of Business, if you have questions or comments about this product.