Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trial Access to NewsBank's Access World News: Research Collection Until May 30

The Access World News: Research Collection from NewsBank provides full-text and video content from an extensive number of global and U.S. news sources. Among the source types available in the database are:

  • 3,538 Newspapers
  • 440 Newswires
  • 219 Broadcast Media Transcript Sources
  • 210 Business and Legal Journals
  • 183 Blogs
  • 145 Broadcast Media Video Sources
  • 110 Magazines
  • 58 Web-Based News Sources
  • 55 College and University Newspapers
  • 38 Business and Industry Newsletters

Updated daily, the database currently contains over 200 million articles. Approximately half of the 3,000+ newspaper sources in the database contain archival backfiles extending beyond five years. The interface provides easy-to-use search and browse functionality, including an ability to restrict searches to specific geographical areas, source types, and sources. NewsBank is providing the Cheng Library with trial access to the database from now until May 30. Please contact Richard Kearney ( / 973-720-2165) if you have any comments or questions about the Access World News: Research Collection.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

JSTOR E-Journal Archive Gets a Major Upgrade with Addition of the Arts and Sciences VII Collection

The Cheng Library is pleased to announce the addition of JSTOR's Arts and Sciences VII collection to its JSTOR archive of electronic journals. The Arts and Sciences VII collection contains over 180 titles across thirty-five disciplines, including anthropology, archaeology, art and art history, business and economics, Classical studies, health policy, history, language and literature, linguistics, philosophy, political science, sociology, and statistics. The collection builds on the strengths of the three JSTOR journal collections already acquired by the Library, adding over 100 titles not previously available at WPUNJ in any format.

As with the other JSTOR journal collections, the purpose of Arts and Sciences VII is to provide a permanent electronic archive of major journals rather than current issues. For most titles, issues are added to the collection on a regular schedule following a time lag of between one and ten years while current content is often available through other databases. With the addition of the Arts and Sciences VII collection, the Cheng Library's JSTOR archive now includes a total of 527 titles for which new content will be added each year.

Please contact Richard Kearney (973-720-2165 / if you have any questions about JSTOR's Arts and Sciences VII collection.