Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Try the Journal of Visualized Experiments - Trial Access through April 15

The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of biological, medical, chemical and physical research in a video format. It was established in 2006 as a new tool in life science publication and communication, with participation of scientists from leading research institutions. JoVE takes advantage of video technology to capture and transmit the multiple facets and intricacies of life science research. The journal is designed to facilitate the understanding and efficient reproduction of both basic and complex experimental techniques, so as to address two of the biggest challenges faced by today's life science research community: (a) the low transparency and poor reproducibility of biological experiments, and (b) the time and labor-intensive nature of learning new experimental techniques.

JoVE allows researchers to publish experiments in all their dimensions, overcoming the inherent limitations of traditional, static print journals, thereby adding an entirely new parameter to the communication of experimental data and research results. The journal currently offers over 1,500 video demonstrations of biological experiments ("video-protocols"), with approximately 50 new videos added each month. JoVE is organized into six major sections, including:
  • General (techniques and protocols from biological, medical, chemical and physical research)
  • Neuroscience (techniques from a wide variety of fields, focusing on those intended to lend insight into the structure, function, physiology and pathophysiology of the central and peripheral nervous systems)
  • Immunology and Infection (video articles demonstrating seminal and novel techniques in the fields of immunology and infectious diseases)
  • Clinical and Translational Medicine (articles in this section typically document medical procedures, case reports, clinical trials and translational medicine with direct bedside application)
  • Bioengineering (techniques in which the principles of engineering, mathematics and physics are applied to problems associated with the life sciences)
  • Basic Protocols (a section compiled from the other JoVE sections that contains basic laboratory protocols)
Trial access to JoVE is available through April 15. Please contact Richard Kearney (x 2165) if you have any questions about the Journal of Visualized Experiments during the trial.