Friday, December 16, 2011

Over 3,800 Videos Now Available Online for Teaching and Research through NJVid

William Paterson University is now providing over 3,800 educational videos in streaming format online for use in teaching and research through NJVid: The New Jersey Digital Video Repository. Faculty and students are invited to explore the NJVid portal to browse and search the many collections and titles available. Both full-length feature films and shorter clips suitable for in-class and online use are offered through NJVid. The current collections include:

  • 2,793 educational and documentary clips from INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications, covering a wide variety of subjects and with particular strengths in philosophy, oceanography, mathematics, history, politics, health, psychology, environmental science, and sociology

  • 390 feature-length videos from Ambrose Video Publishing, including films in world history, religions, science and technology, and environmental science. The Ambrose collection also features all 37 of William Shakespeare's plays in a series produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation

  • 360 feature-length films from Films Media Group, covering such subjects as science and mathematics, history, art, economics and business, area studies, education, the performing arts, religion and philosophy, and health

  • 49 films produced at William Paterson University, including interviews with music industry figures hosted by the Music Department, a variety of university-sponsored guest speakers and panels on wide-ranging topics, and other materials

  • 47 educational documentaries from the Media Education Foundation covering women's and gender studies, communication, media and advertising, consumerism, and sociology

  • 25 films from the National Film Board of Canada addressing Native American studies, labor studies, ecology, health, and sociology

In addition to these collections, the WPUNJ NJVid collections also feature-length documentaries from Icarus Films, health care training videos from Medcom Trainex, and films on global studies and politics from ro*co films educational.

All of the films accessible through the NJVid portal can be edited to custom-length clips and assembled into playlists for use in teaching, for in-class presentations, or for other educational purposes using your personal NJVid account. If you have questions about NJVid or the films accessible through it, please contact Jane Hutchison ( / 973-720-2980) or any member of the Cheng Library staff.