Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Statesman's Yearbook is Now Available Online

Published continuously since 1846, The Statesman's Yearbook is a standard source of detailed information on the countries and international organizations of the world. Updated to provide clear and concise information on the politics, cultures and economies of the world, the Yearbook is now available online through the Cheng Library. Running to 1,600 pages in its print format, the Yearbook has recently been expanded to include

  • Biographical Profiles of Current Leaders
  • Government Histories
  • Extended Economic Overviews and Historical Economic Statistics
  • Half-page Line Maps
  • In-depth Topical Essays: in this edition Democracy and Military Expenditure, plus an essay on the World Economy by William Keegan, Economics Editor, The Observer

The country profiles cover such topics as key historical events, territory and population data, major cities, social statistics, climate, government, recent elections, a review of the current administration, defense and international relations, the economy, energy and natural resources, industry and international trade, communications, social institutions, religion, culture, and diplomatic representatives, and most profiles include a bibliography for further reading. The online version is easy to search and browse.

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