Monday, September 10, 2012

Try the CEIC Database for Macroeconomic Data in Global Markets Through September 21

Trial access to the CEIC Database portal is now available through September 21. The fourteen CEIC databases available during the trial offer extensive developing and developed markets macroeconomic data, with over a million time series covering economies from the U.S. and China to Vietnam, Bulgaria and Chile. CEIC Data has been helping economists and analysts make sense of the world economy since 1992. The online portal supports easy selection and downloading of time series data to Excel, The interface also offers a graphing tool, quick views of data, and essential mathematical functions.

The CEIC portal offers:
  • Country-specific databases focused on five of the top emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Indonesia);
  • A WorldTrend database offering time series data for economists and analysts seeking worldwide benchmark and reference macroeconomic data. This database contains data on a broad range of hot topics concerning the global economy. Data is sourced from leading global data agencies;
  • Highly detailed and organized regional data, including:
    • A city database: 287 prefecture level cities covering benchmark indicators such as domestic output, loans, deposits, investment, government finance, employment, income & expenditures, retail sales, property market and utility, etc.;
    • A Prefecture Level Region database: 53 prefecture level regions covering benchmark indicators such as domestic output, loans, deposits, investments, government finance, employment, income & expenditure, retails sales, property market and utilities, etc.;
    • A county database: 2,000 counties covering benchmark indicators, such as industrial output, loans, deposits, investment, government finance, employment, income & expenditures and retail sales, etc.
  • Standardized and detailed industry data, including:
    • Value-added organization of data with relevancy to ISIC which enables sector analysts to perform sector analysis while easily referencing to international standards;
    • Strong coverage of industry sectors such as machinery, metal, precious metal, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, textile, energy, real estate, auto, insurance, and tourism;
    • Detailed data for industrial products output covering over 400 monthly outputs;
    • Precise manufacturing industry operating data covering over 600 industries, based on China’s Division Standard of Industrial Enterprises Classification;
      Systematically organized Chain Retail and Chain Catering operational data covering different retail formats and breakdowns by 31 provinces and cities;
    • Logically organized real estate developers’ financial data covering 31 provinces and cities.
    • Daily housing transaction data covering 60 cities.
    • Production, process, consumption, imports and exports, and inventory data covering 31 provinces and cities each systematically organized by energy type.
    • Detailed insurance operating data covering 36 provinces and cities.
 If you have questions or would like more information about the CEIC databases, please contact Richard Kearney (kearneyr at wpunj dot edu, or 973-720-2165).

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