Friday, March 31, 2017

Trial Access to the HSTalks Business and Management Collection Available Through April 30

The Business and Management Collection, produced by Henry Stewart Talks (HSTalks), consists of over 1,000 video lectures and case studies by experts from commerce, industry, the professions and academia. The Cheng Library is providing trial access to the collection through April 30.

The Collection is divided into six broad subject areas:
  • Finance, Accounting and Economics
  • Global Business Management
  • Management Leadership and Organizations
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Strategy
  • Technology and Operations
Content is presented in four different formats:
  • Traditional format lectures with high quality graphics - The entire lecture as well as extracts can be embedded in course notes and online learning systems.
  • Case study interviews - They are designed to explore how different participants in commerce and industry, from start-up entrepreneurs to large corporation executives, confront the challenges they encounter. Additionally, all videos are accompanied by suggested topics for discussion and individual and group projects. 
  • Extended form case studies - These accounts of real world experience describing what was done, how, when and with what consequences can be used as prompts for in-class discussions.
  • Bite-size case studies - These short descriptions of real world commercial activities come with suggested topics for consideration and discussion.
We invite you to try the HSTalks Business and Management Collection to see what it can offer you and your students. Please contact Cara Berg (email or 973-720-3189) or Richard Kearney (email or 973-720-2165), Library Liaisons to the Cotsakos College of Business, if you have questions or comments about this product.

Friday, January 29, 2016

American Council of Learned Societies Humanities E-Book Collection Offers Over 4,600 Titles Online

The Cheng Library is pleased to announce the acquisition of a major new electronic resource this semester. The American Council of Learned Societies Humanities E-Book Collection contains over 4,600 full-text, cross-searchable books in the humanities and social sciences selected by scholars for their continuing importance for research and teaching. The collection includes titles from over 100 publishers of scholarly and academic books and covers a wide variety of humanities and social science disciplines. Among the subjects covered are: archaeology, art, Biblical studies, environmental studies, film and media studies, folklore, hip-hop studies, history, Jewish studies, law, LGBT/Queer studies, linguistics, literature and literary criticism, medicine, musicology, performance studies, philosophy, political science, religion, science/technology, sociology, and women’s studies. A complete title list (in Excel format) is available here.

The collection can be browsed by author, title, and subject. Full-text and bibliographic searching is also supported. The database provides page images for online reading as well as plain text, and 10-page excerpts can also be downloaded in PDF format. Brief videos illustrating How to Search the Humanities E-Book Collection and How to Navigate a Book in the collection are available to get you oriented quickly.

Bibliographic records for all of the books in the collection are available in the Cheng Library catalog and in ChengFind, providing multiple points of access to individual titles, and URLs are available to create links to individual titles in Blackboard for reading and research assignments.

We encourage you to try this collection and to consider incorporating it into your courses as appropriate. Please contact Richard Kearney (email or 973-720-2165) if you have questions or need more information about the American Council of Learned Societies Humanities E-Book Collection.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Start the Semester on the Right Foot with Credo Reference's Academic Core, Now with Over 800 Titles

It's a new year, a new semester, and a new set of learning challenges for students. For those courses requiring research papers and projects, one of the Cheng Library's most useful research starting points is Credo Reference's Academic Core database, a full-text collection of over 800 high-quality reference works, including single- and multi-volume specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, chronologies, handbooks, and atlases.

Sometimes the biggest hurdle in a research project is getting started - deciding on a topic, getting a general orientation to it, coming up with a good research question, and getting tips on where to look next. The best reference works are designed to meet all of these needs. Written by subject specialists who presume little prior knowledge on the part of the reader, the materials in Credo Reference's Academic Core will help students get on the right track at an early stage in their research, providing the essential background and context, clear definitions, important search terms that can be used in other databases to yield high-precision results, and useful bibliographies for pursuing a topic in greater depth. Covering every subject area in the WPUNJ curriculum, it's one of the best first resources to use for research projects on any size.

In addition to the many titles that are included with our subscription, the Cheng Library has purchased the following additional titles thanks to special funding provided by the Office of the Provost:

It's easy to create a link to Credo Reference's Academic Core in Blackboard, or to create links to any individual title in the collection. Please contact Richard Kearney (email or 973-720-2165) or you have questions or need more information about Credo Reference's Academic Core.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Statista Provides the Numbers You Need

The Cheng Library is pleased to announce that it has added Statista to its database collection for the 2015-2016 academic year. The Statista database provides a portal to quantitative data on over 80,000 topics from over 18,000 sources. Designed for use by business customers, researchers, and students, it offers access to data on media, business, finance, politics, and a wide variety of other areas of interest or markets. Data sources include market research reports, such as the Ipsos Affluent Survey published annually by Ipsos Media, Simmons National Consumer Studies, and Consumer Insights from Scarborough Research, as well as trade publications, scientific journals, and government databases. For each statistic, Statista provides available metadata including but not limited to source, release date, number of respondents, and any other relevant details to facilitate verification of all statistical information.

The easy-to-use search engine provides access to data on any topic, but the database is also organized into predefined sections, including:

  • Industries - The following 20 industrial sectors are covered, with each one further divided into sub-sectors: agriculture, chemicals and resources, construction, consumer goods and FMCG, e-commerce, energy and environmental services, finance, insurance and real estate, health and pharmaceuticals, international, internet, life, media and advertising, metals and electronics, retail and trade, services, society, sports and recreation, technology and telecommunications, transportation and logistics, travel, tourism and hospitality. 

  • Industry Reports - From mechanical engineering and healthcare to telecommunications: our 60 industry reports provide you with all the facts you need for getting to grips with an industry. Our clearly structured and easy to understand reports provide you with information on the ins and outs of your chosen industry, presenting not only numerical data on areas such as trends in turnover or revenue, but also on identified strengths and weaknesses. Our reports are updated annually, ensuring they contain only the most recent data out there. 

  • Dossiers - Our dossiers are compositions of the data most crucial in gaining a strong foothold in a subject area. We compile our dossiers in accordance with the most regularly searched-for terms, meaning that we are able to provide our users with dossiers on the topic areas that interest them. In easy to understand PowerPoint formats, our dossiers serve as research facilitators for users wishing to gain a rapid but comprehensive insight into a topic. Regular updates and routine additions guarantee that our 1,000 dossiers are always up to date. 

  • Studies Database - If you’re interested in a more in-depth insight into the overall context of a subject and you find that individual statistics just aren’t sufficient in serving your needs, then our study database can help. With numerous studies from market researchers, governmental institutions and businesses sourced from over 600 industries, our study database provides our users with the chance to access to the most detailed information on an array of topics. 

  • Forecasts - Statistical forecasts for a multitude of trends from a wide variety of sources.

  • Companies and Topics - Especially useful for market and marketing research, this section of the database provides tables covering longitudinal trends on various measures pertaining to sales and revenue, income, customer satisfaction, consumption, market share, etc.

  • Infographics - Each weekday Statista's editors produce infographic charts featuring helpful visualizations based on the statistics available in the database. Over 1,500 infographic charts are currently archived in the database, with more being added all the time.

Each statistical table in Statista can be modified and downloaded for use in assignments and presentations according to a user's personal preferences. For example:

  • Any statistical table can be rendered as a bar chart, a line graph, or in tabular format

  • Data labels can be applied, removed or customized; they can also be rotated at 90 degree angles

  • Customized tables can be downloaded in PNG, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF format, and printed

Users can also request notification for any updates to a given statistic as new information is added to the database.

We invite you to try Statista and explore its potential usefulness for your work. Please contact Richard Kearney (email or 973-720-2165) or you have questions or need more information about Statista.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trial Access to the Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts Series Database Available Through March 21

Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Volume I and Volume II, from Alexander Street Press, is a unique online series that lets students and researchers peer deeply into the client-therapist relationship and follow the progress — and the setbacks — of clients across multiple therapy sessions. The Cheng Library is providing trial access to these collections from now through March 21.

This multi-part collection is growing to include 6,000 transcripts of real therapy sessions, 44,000 pages of client narratives, and 25,000 pages of reference works in one cross-searchable interface. Together, these materials bring the therapeutic process to life and provide unprecedented levels of access to the broadest range of clients.

Designed to meet the needs of therapists-in-training, the collection shares firsthand the experience of assisting clients through a wide range of issues. It lets students witness in detail therapists’ treatment processes and assess their impact. Transcripts are provided by hundreds of practicing therapists worldwide and all adhere to the American Psychological Association’s Ethics Guidelines for use and anonymity, so users can rely on the information for its accuracy and diversity.

This collection also opens gateways for researchers to make reliable, real-life observations and draw empirical, data-driven conclusions. Scholars can use the collection to compare therapeutic methods, relate them back to client outcomes, examine language patterns across different types of psychotherapy, and explore countless other lines of inquiry with unprecedented accuracy.

At the present time, the series is being provided through two different web portals:
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Volume I contains more than 2,000 transcripts of actual therapy sessions, 44,000 pages of client narratives and 25,000 pages of major reference works. There are diaries, letters, autobiographies, oral histories, and personal memoirs along with the full text of therapy and counseling sessions themselves. All accounts are non-fiction, delivered in the first person and, where possible, contemporaneous.
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Volume II provides a deep look into the client-therapist office, allowing readers to follow the progress and setbacks of clients over the course of multiple therapy sessions. This collection features a diverse set of clients, a wide range of presenting issues, and multiple therapeutic approaches with some 4,000 new transcripts of actual therapy sessions. Because all content was recorded in 2012 or later, Volume II features contemporary issues and the most up-to-date therapeutic approaches to treat them.
We invite you to try Volume I and Volume II of the Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts Series to see what it can offer you and your students. Please contact Bill Duffy ( or 973-720-3191), Library Liaisons to the Psychology Department, or Richard Kearney ( or 973-720-2165), Electronic Resources Librarian, if you have questions or comments about the database.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Trial Access to Euromonitor's Passport Database Available Now Through December 12

From now through December 12, the Cheng Library is offering trial access to Euromonitor International's Passport database.

Euromonitor's Passport is a global market research database providing statistics, analysis, reports, surveys and breaking news on industries, countries and consumers worldwide.  Passport connects market research to a company's goals and annual planning, analyzing market context, competitor insight and future trends impacting businesses globally. The database offers detailed analyses of consumer and industrial markets around the world across 781 cities, 210 countries, and 27 industries with historic data from 1997 and forecasts through 2020.

Passport's main features include:

  • Industry Data - Multi-country relational database of market and category sizes, market shares, distribution patterns, sales forecasts and other measurements relevant to each sector.
  • Country Reports - In-depth analysis reports on both developed and emerging national markets. Each report provides qualitative commentary on sales trends, new product and marketing developments, consumer preferences, national company and brand competition and market strategies, and the views and assumptions underlying national sales forecasts.
  • Global Reports - These assess the key issues affecting international market performance, with a focus on important developments by product sector and big picture competition strategy.
  • Company Profiles - Analytical profiles of the top international players in an industry, compiled in a standardized format for cross analysis.
  • Comment - Articles and presentations on key themes and discussion topics around the dynamics of the category.

Passport can be used for doing very specific analyses or for looking at big picture economic or social changes. Typical applications are annual and multi-year company plans, target-setting, market entry thinking; price/position/channel strategies, ad claims, new product development; customer profiling, segmentation, defining key demographics; competitor intelligence, benchmarking against peers, anticipating threats; route to market strategy, new business development, account handling; procurement, logistics, and value chain strategy.

We invite you to try Euromonitor's Passport and see what it can offer you. Please contact Cara Berg ( or 973-720-3189), or Richard Kearney ( or 973-720-2165), Library Liaisons to the Cotsakos College of Business, if you have questions or comments about Euromonitor's Passport.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

SocINDEX Offers Research on All Aspects of Society from A to Z

The Cheng Library's new SocINDEX database provides access to the broad spectrum of sociological study. With a backfile extending to 1895, it features more than 2.1 million records and contains citations and abstracts from over 4,400 journals, over 1,000 books, and over 400 magazines, plus additional references to working papers, educational reports, trade publications, conference papers, and more. Subject coverage extends to all areas of sociology and its sub-disciplines, including criminology and criminal justice, demography, ethnic and racial studies, gender studies, marriage and family, political sociology, religion, rural and urban sociology, social development, social psychology, social structure, social work, socio-cultural anthropology, sociological history, sociological research, sociological theory, substance abuse and other addictions, violence, and many others topics.

The SocINDEX database provides a subject classification system (thesaurus) of over 20,000 terms to support high-precision searching and enable students and researchers to retrieve the most comprehensive result sets for any topic of interest. It also includes a directory of author profiles covering the most prolific, widely cited, and frequently searched-for authors in the database. Each author profile includes biographical data and bibliographic information, which together allow users to ascertain an author's areas of expertise and academic/professional focus. All author profiles are updated on a routine basis as new information about each author becomes available.

SocINDEX replaces Sociological Abstracts in the Cheng Library's collection.

We invite you to try SocINDEX and see what it can offer you. Please contact Richard Kearney, Electronic Resources Librarian ( or 973-720-2165), or Anthony Joachim, Library Liaison to the Sociology Department ( or 973-720-3665 if you have questions or comments about SocINDEX.