Friday, September 6, 2013

New JSTOR Arts & Sciences IV Collection Offers Expanded Journal Coverage of Education, Law, Business, and Public Policy

The Cheng Library is pleased to announce the addition of JSTOR's Arts and Sciences IV journal archive to its collection of JSTOR journals. The Arts and Sciences IV collection includes 156 titles, of which 106 are still actively adding content to the archive. Arts and Sciences IV has special strengths in the areas of education (40 titles), law (30 titles), and business (27 titles), with additional titles in political science and public policy. Among 37 titles in Arts and Sciences IV that are new to the Cheng Library's collection are the following:
A complete title list is available here.

The addition of the Arts and Sciences IV journal archive brings our total JSTOR holdings to nine collections, featuring 1,927 major titles going back in most cases to Volume 1, Issue 1. Of these, 1,185 titles are continuing to add archival content to the collection. Articles in JSTOR can be accessed by searching the database directly, by using citation links in any other databases that index JSTOR titles, or by searching Google Scholar (Full Text @ Cheng Library) through the Library's databases list.

Please contact Richard Kearney ( or x 2165) if you have any questions or comments about the Arts and Sciences IV journal archive.

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