Friday, April 8, 2011

Philosopher's Index Now Available through the CSA Illumina Search Platform

The Philosopher’s Index, published by the Philosopher’s Information Center, is now available through the Cheng Library on ProQuest's CSA Illumina search platform. The Philosopher’s Index is the most current and comprehensive bibliography of scholarly research in philosophy, containing more than 450,000 records drawn from over 680 journals, originating from more than 50 countries. The literature coverage dates back to 1940 and includes print and electronic journals, books, anthologies, contributions to anthologies, and book reviews.

Covering scholarly research in all major areas of philosophy, the Philosopher’s Index features informative, author-written abstracts. Through the CSA Illumina search interface, you can search on keywords, database subject terms, titles, authors, journal titles, and other criteria. Best of all, the previous single-user license has been replaced by an unlimited simultaneous user site license, which means no one will be denied access to the database because someone else is searching it at the same time.

Please contact Richard Kearney (x 2165) if you have any questions about online access to The Philosopher’s Index through the Cheng Library.

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