Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trial Access to Sharpe Online Reference through November 6

M.E. Sharpe, a publisher of books and journals in the social sciences and humanities, is currently offering trial access to 18 major reference titles through its online portal Sharpe Online Reference. The titles cover a variety of topics in U.S. and global history and culture. All titles can be browsed and searched (individually or across all titles). The site also includes an image gallery, an archive of primary source documents, useful web links, and teacher resources. The titles in the collection are as follows:

  • Colonial America (1492-1783)
  • Early Republic and Antebellum America (1783-1861)
  • Gilded Age and Progressive Era (1877-1919)
  • Jazz Age (1919-1929)
  • The Great Depression and New Deal (1929-1941)
  • Postwar America (1945 -Present)
  • American Presidential Campaigns and Elections (1788-2008)
  • Social Issues in America
  • American Social Movements
  • American Countercultures
  • American Folklife
  • Latino History and Culture
  • Asian American History and Culture
  • America in World History
  • Global History: Cultural Encounters
  • World Trade: From Ancient Times to the Present
  • Conflicts Since World War II
  • Booms and Busts: An Economic History (1630s-Present)
Trial access to Sharpe Online Reference is available through November 6 by visiting the Cheng Library's databases directory. If you have any questions or comments about this resource, please contact Richard Kearney (x 2165).

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