Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians is Now Part of Oxford Music Online

The new Oxford Music Online portal incorporates the full content of the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, updated regularly, with several additional resources to enhance music research, including the following full-text publications:
  • The Oxford Companion to Music - over 8,000 articles covering a wide range of subjects in music, including composers, performers, conductors, individual works, instruments and notation, forms and genres
  • The Oxford Dictionary of Music - contains 12,500 terms covering musical subjects of all kinds
In addition to the new content, the search screen has been redesigned to support easier searching and browsing for specific types of content, including:
  • over 44,000 biographies
  • over 33,000 subject entries
The portal also provides useful learning resources, including timelines of women in music, operatic premières, and contemporary music; nine topical guides for major subjects in music history; and guides covering printed/manuscript sources and major institutions for music research. Oxford University Press has provided a tip sheet (in PDF format) for experienced users of the online Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians to help make the transition to the new interface easier. If you have questions about Oxford Music Online, please contact Tony Joachim or Bob Wolk, Library Liaisons to the Music Department.

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